˴ΤKishi Ryoichi51ˤǡAltınovaˤϤǡȤμȹڤä֤ǻ˴ƤΤϸξȯ˻Ĥ줿ˤϡ֥פڤƤޤäǤꡢޤפȽ񤫤ƤζĹ3kmˤӡĹߤ궶ˤʤͽꡣ

ȸ Japanese engineer commits suicide over mishap on Turkish bridge



Kishi Ryoichi, a Japanese engineer working on the Izmit Bay Bridge connecting Izmit and Yalova in the Marmara Sea, is reported to have committed suicide, Monday, after holding himself responsible for a broken rope on the Catwalk section of the bridge which ruptured on Saturday. He was purportedly found by schoolchildren near the Altinova District cemetery. Footage from Tuesday shows the bridge in its current state.

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Turkey: Japanese engineer commits Harakiri-Style suicide after bridge collapse