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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Four rounds fired at close range from a beanbag shotgun did nothing to stop the advance of a man who threatened Albuquerque police with a hammer in early December, according to lapel-camera video released by APD on Friday.

Police cornered 37-year-old Andy Snider, who was armed with the hammer, shortly before 10 p.m. on Dec. 8 after chasing him down a university-area alleyway. Snider is not visible on screen at the time Albuquerque Police Department officer Nathan Cadroy shoots at him with the beanbag shotgun, and all that can be heard is "Beanbag him! Beanbag him!" when the officer shoots the first of four rounds, according to the video. The video is mostly dark and grainy outside of where officers' flashlights are shining.

By the time the officer shoots the fourth nonlethal round, Snider can be seen sprinting toward him, undeterred, with the hammer in his hand. That's when APD officer Hector Marquez, who was standing to Cadroy's right, shoots four live, lethal rounds from his handgun from within several feet of Snider, the video shows.It's unclear how many rounds struck Snider, but he ran past Cadroy and kept running down the alley for a few paces before falling over. The two officers stood near him, calling on him to drop the hammer and waited for backup to arrive.

Snider, a convicted felon, was later pronounced dead at the hospital. The officers were uninjured.

Police encountered Snider after a 911 call from a gas station at University and Central, where witnesses told police that Snider got into a fight with another person in the store.

According to the video, Snider shouts what appears to be, "I am Yahweh!" when police encounter him. They then begin chasing him on foot when Snider refused to drop the hammer and followed him into an alley near Mesa and Gold SE.

Then-APD interim Chief Allen Banks said at a news conference after the shooting that the hammer Snider carried was a "deadly weapon" and that the APD supervising sergeant's initial instructions for Cadroy and Marquez were to use the beanbag shotgun, one of officers' less-than-lethal options.

The shooting was the department's fifth in six weeks when it happened in December 2013, and Snider is one of 21 men shot and killed by Albuquerque police since 2010. The U.S. Department of Justice is conducting a comprehensive investigation to determine if APD has a "pattern or practice" of violating city residents' Constitutional rights. That investigation has been underway since November 2012. 

Lapel camera video shows Albuquerque police officer fatally shooting hammer-wielding suspect.

ジャーナリストの山路徹氏(52)が模原市で大雪の取材中、いきなり男4、5人の暴漢に襲われる 「誰に許可を取ってるんだ。殺すぞ!ぶっ殺してやる!降りろ!」


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山路氏によると、16日午前1時ごろ、2台の車で大雪の山梨県に向かう途中、積雪のため1車線になった相模原市緑区の市道で、1台が対向のワゴン車に道を譲ったときだった。20代ぐらいの男4〜5人が「誰に許可を取ってるんだ。殺すぞ!!」「ぶっ殺してやる!! 降りろ!!」と、いきなり怒鳴りつけて降りてきたという。















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Police have arrested a man they believed attacked a woman before throwing her onto train tracks.

A suspect is in custody after a man punched a young woman in the head, dragged her by the ankles and threw her onto train tracks this week, a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority spokeswoman said Friday.

William Clark, of Philadelphia, faces assault, robbery, theft and reckless endangerment charges, said Heather Redfern, the SEPTA spokeswoman. The suspect is thought to be between 25 and 30 years old, she said.

The attack occurred around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday in Philadelphia's Chinatown, after a man approached a 23-year-old woman and asked her for a lighter. They were the only people at the Eighth and Race streets stop, Redfern said.

Woman attacked and thrown on subway tracks




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★裏天皇とは一体誰なのか?「前田ゴロウ(ユダヤ名:オクラディッシュ・ハーマン)、小野寺 直、伏見博明」明治以降の皇室を牛耳ってきた傍流勢力

★3.11東日本大震災は人工地震だった!元アメリカ国家安全保証局が内部告発 「米国とイスラエルの裏権力が核兵器を使った」

★【神道の闇】天皇一族は悪魔崇拝者 神道=日本版キリスト教・ユダヤ教

★日本や世界各地にある「鳥居」の謎 宇宙人との関連性





★シリアの化学兵器攻撃は911やボストンテロ同様、アメリカの自作自演 【決定的証拠 まとめ】


★チャンネル桜事務局の壁に十字架 そして新興宗教『キリストの幕屋』『統一教会』との関係とは?

★911同時多発テロ 世界貿易センタービルの嘘を暴く

★【閲覧注意】VIEWER WARNING テロリストがアサド政権に協力した2人の男を処刑!生きたまま首を切断(R15指定)

★【閲覧注意】<シリア>SAFヘリコプターによる空爆の余波 首が吹き飛んだ死体



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