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A train derailment sparked a fire about a mile west of Casselton, North Dakota on Monday.

The fire could be seen for miles around the train, witnesses said. The Casselton Fire Department says a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train is involved, reported the Valley News.

One bulk oil car is on fire and black smoke is being released. The Casselton Fire Department said theres concerns about the fire being near an ethanol plant. Gretchen Hjelmstad of Valley News said via Twitter that there are 100 foot flames.

Hope Hanselman of Valley News said, also via Twitter, that one train derailed, then an oncoming train hit the derailed train. 111 cars full of oil, she said. Just witnessed third massive explosion, she said. Highest yet as oil cars continue to catch fire.

People living to the southeast of Casselton are being told to shelter-in-place. A code red has been issued for Casselton, and residents are being urged to stay indoors. There is a haz-mat incident 
west of town, they were told in an email, reported WDAY-TV. 

As a retired firefighter, its best to stay away from the site, commented Cleone Stewart on the broadcasters Facebook page. Dont mess with breathing hazardous materials–watch it on your TV or Facebook instead.

ȡFire too big for FD to approach, police keeping everyone 3/4 mile away while it burns, added local Dave Arnston on Twitter.

Train Derailment and Crash Sparks Huge Fire, Code Red Issued



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